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Well don't I wish I knew more than the slimest amount of japanese?
Hmm, hmm. FMA45 was interesting.
I just wish I had a better idea wtf Roy was ... well, no, I know what he's doing.
Oh, and you might just get your wish, annwyd.

Lust also looks remarkably hot for a 2d character once she stops hanging around.
And oh, Envy's finally back in 46.

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LAN Party: gone to.
Time spent: 11 hours
Geekery: high
In need of: bath

Other'n that, I did manage to get 1-8 of Fray, some anime, pretty much all of Futurama, Doom 3 and uh, that's about it. If only there was 'net access at those swapmeets, so I could RP at the same time as the boring file transfer windows. Alas.

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Hey Kot, Autumn, Rein. Oh, I hope you're alright Rein. :(

In any event, if you gang do get on tonight -- just go ahead and continue the scene without me, I'm not going to be on until ... after most of your bedtime(s), alas. You'll just have to survive without me somehow!

Oh, and you too Narli, but you know that already.

Alas, alas, I'd much rather RP than fall asleep in town, too.

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I seriously wonder whadda hell happened to Wheel of Time MU*ing.
It used to be the big thing! People would love to do it! Well, a certain type of people, anyway.
You'd have places like Tales or Ta'veren with 70+ people! Cuendillar with 40+ (well, probably more, I was never there during its hay-day), Heroes of the Wheel, Daes Daemer!

And now there's, like, nothing.
Where the fuck did all the WoT players go?
is there some new uber WoT place out there I don't know about?

Ask your friends for me! I want to play an Aes Sedai again and be all 'must destroy capitalism!' Do me this favor, friends list!

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Ok, ok, so maybe DMC3 looks good.
I'd still prefer the blowjob though, Kot. <3 Kyohohohoho~

And oh, I think I'll app Dante at TIG.
It'll be fun for him to open Devil May Cry in Winterheart, demon-hunter that he is, and open the door to the office each day to find a horde of demons waiting for a piece of him.

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Damn City of Heroes.
I saw my first Archvillain today. Dr. Vahzilok.
After an attempt to kill him barely nicked his hitpoints, I did the sane thing and ran away. Alas!

At least I'm momentarily out of debt.